Interesting Facts About St Thomas

Whether you are looking for beaches, restaurants, or scenic viewpoints, St. Thomas has something for everyone. And one of the most prevalent ways to experience it is by taking a St. Thomas tour.

St. Thomas is one of the most stunning and historic islands in the Caribbean. The island has a long history dating back to the time of Columbus, who discovered it in 1493. Despite its relatively small size, St. Thomas has many interesting facts to attract tourists from all over the world.

As a St. Thomas taxi service provider, let us take you on a ride to some of the island’s most iconic attractions, from breathtaking vistas at Magens Bay to picturesque villages like Charlotte Amalie.

Let’s discover some of the exciting facts about St. Thomas Island!

1.    Popular Shopping Destination

At first glance, St. Thomas islands may not seem like a particularly notable shopping destination. After all, this tropical island chain is known more for its white-sand beaches, top-notch resorts, and bustling nightlife than for its vibrant shopping scene. But despite this reputation, St. Thomas islands have been a popular shopping destination long before Europeans colonized the area. With its rich history and eclectic selection of shops, it’s no wonder that St. Thomas islands have remained a popular shopping destination for decades.

2.    The Famous Landmark

One of the most famous landmarks in St. Thomas is Magens Bay, an iconic public beach that draws visitors from all over to marvel at its beautiful stretch of turquoise water and pristine white sand. Other top attractions include Coral World marine park, numerous historic forts, sites that pay tribute to the island’s colorful colonial past, and architectural jewels like Bluebeard’s Castle and Paradise Point Tramway towering high above sea level along the scenic coastline.

3. Driving On The Left Side Of The Lane

Another remarkable fact about this island is that it’s the only place in USA where car drive is on the left side of the street. However, this may take some time to get used to, especially if you’re from another country where they drive on the right. Many visitors to St. Thomas find that the air-conditioned taxis make navigating around the island’s busy streets easy and enjoyable.

4.    Impressionism And Post-Impressionism Movements

Born in St. Thomas in 1830, Camille Pissarro was a renowned painter known for his contributions to both the Impressionism and Post-Impressionism movements. After coming of age in St. Thomas, where the tropical climate and diverse landscape inspired his creativity and sense of wonder, Pissarro eventually achieved fame and recognition as one of the most influential painters of his time.

5.    The Caribbean Sea And The Atlantic Ocean

As a traveler to St. Thomas, you will quickly discover that this island is truly unique. With their coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, they are the only territory in the US to have stretches of both ocean shorelines. When you visit these sun-soaked islands, you can experience only one turquoise coastline but two! And there’s no better way to take this beauty in than by sticking your toes in both oceans.

5.    Visit The Famous Places In St. Thomas With Us

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Let’s travel together!

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