Here at J.S. Miller Taxi, we are always involved in the life of the island. Our visitors come and go, but we stay crafting a unique tour experience for our guests.

So here’s a little bit about the experience of living in St. Thomas. 

Salt Life!

First, there is the marine nature of this community that’s bordered on all sides by water…

You have your boats and marinas, and what one of our friends jokingly called ‘aquatic infrastructure.’

It’s all there, and a lot of the people who make their living here do so primarily because they want to be in the water. So we have kind of a culture of sea-faring and a relationship with the shoreline. 

The Scenery

All of this makes for impressive scenic beauty all over St. Thomas, that astounds visitors who have never been here before. You’ll want to bring your camera!

You’ll see the way that the natural topology of the island contrasts with the calm blue all around it.

It’s really a unique experience to travel the contours of St. Thomas and see everything that this island offers on a daily basis.


Lest you also think that St. Thomas is just a very sleepy place, the city of Charlotte Amalie is a real hub for travel and cosmopolitan interaction around the island.

That’s another cool thing about this island destination – the diversity of experience that you can have here, as we keep learning day by day.

We are a family run business with an excellent reputation in St. Thomas and a lot of relationships with the people here. We have invested in getting to know this island well, so that we can help you to plan the perfect itinerary when you have a limited time to enjoy the area. 

Okay, so we talked about all of the pros of living in St. Thomas – what about the cons?

Well, the obvious one is that supplies are more difficult to get on an island than they would be on the mainland. But we’ve planned for this, and are able to offer our guests a surprising level of luxury and comfort as they take in the sights and sounds of a unique island ecosystem and environment! Ask us about the tour packages that we offer and what you can do around St. Thomas, whenever you get here. 

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