There’s something funny that we often think about when describing our part of the US Virgin Islands and what we see as we take people around the island. 

St. Thomas is, by any measure, one of the smallest island communities in the area. Even looking beyond islands like St. John’s and St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands to other regional island destinations, you can see that St. Thomas is fairly small compared to its neighbors. 

But it has a big reputation in the region as an excellent vacation destination! And that’s something that we like to talk about, as a top tour operator here. 

Harbor Lights

One excellent component of the St. Thomas community is the bustling harbor around the town of Charlotte Amelie, a town with a big history. 

It’s a particular scenic niche in the USVI area that has its own draw and appeal to tourists and vacationers.

You could see a lot of evidence in this on our website, in our gallery and elsewhere.

And that’s part of the itinerary that we put together as we help people travel around St. Thomas. We show them Charlotte Amelie and its environs, as well as the more remote parts of an island with “heavenly views.”

Beaches and Greenery

This island also has its share of scenic beaches. Relax with a margarita or martini, or run or walk on pristine sand, in an environment that is hard to match anywhere.

Inland, there are other natural areas that also represent island beauty in excellent ways.

So all of this is encapsulated in this unique small island in the USVI! There’s also a lot to do in St. Thomas. In addition to all of the usual stuff like snorkeling, horseback riding or other activities, you can check out museums or even the local botanical gardens.

It’s this type of sightseeing that brings even more tourists and visitors into the St. Thomas/USVI area, and we are ready to accommodate your group with transparent pricing and a quality of service that can’t be beat. We are also uniquely positioned to take you around St. Thomas – with luxury and comfort of air conditioned vehicles and a good knowledge base for getting people around easily and conveniently. Check out our services and book a tour that will allow you to “be part of the action” and give your camera a workout – because when you see St. Thomas, it’s a place you’re likely to want to return to, again and again. 

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